PART 1 Inactive Projects Digital Documentation Process (DDP) Archiving Wizard

DDP Archiving Wizards (see example below) are built using Cognito Forms, a free service to create forms and collect responses. To use the Archiving Wizard, you must do three things:

  1. Import the management of the Archiving Wizard to your system (whether on an institutional or personal computer). You will do so by downloading an instance of Cognito forms to your computer, then making your own copy of the Archiving Wizard to house on your Cognito account and administering it from there.
  2. Disseminate the Archiving Wizard form to desired recipients and gather responses by publishing the Wizard from your Cognito account, sending it to the person who will complete it, then collecting the submitted responses under the “Entries” tab of your Cognito account.
  3. Create project documents from submitted response-sets using the templates found under the “Entries” tab in your Cognito account.

You may also download the Wizard as a guide that you can modify for use within your own system, but you must designate where and how the responses will be delivered. Do not fill out the form on this site, as it will send your responses to DDP website administrators, not to your computer.

To complete the Wizard using Cognito, take the following steps (see here for a click-by-click guide):

1. Import the management of the Archiving Wizard to your system.

  • Create a Cognito account.
  • Click this link to transfer the PART 1 Archiving Wizard – Inactive Projects form to your Cognito account. Click the “Select” button at the bottom of the form to import the template to your account.

2. Send the Archiving Wizard to desired recipients and gather responses.

  • Publish the form by embedding it into a pre-existing website (institutional) or copying the link from the “Publish” tab.
  • Send the form link to the person who will complete and submit the responses (to yourself if you are self-archiving, to the subject-researcher if you are archiving in an institutional repository).
  • When the completed form has been submitted, an email will be sent to the inbox associated with the administering Cognito account and the responses will appear in the “Entries” tab of that account.

3. Create project documents.

  • Go to the “Entries” tab of the form you have administered and choose the appropriate response-set to create a document.
  • When the completed response set appears, choose the “create documents” icon.
  • Choose the template for the document you would like to auto-fill. You may choose from the following:
    • Archiving Dossier Narrative
    • DDP to Zenodo Transfer, or
    • Responses to PART 1 Archiving Wizard – Inactive Projects
  • Clicking on the icon will create and export a document to your computer with form responses inserted into the document.

Once you have completed Part 1, register the project in open-access or institutional repository, (using the “DDP to Zenodo Transfer” form. After registering the project and receiving a DOI and catalogue record URL, you may continue on to Part 2 of the Inactive Projects Archiving Wizard (dark blue).