The Persistent Identifier

The Persistent Identifier links to a digital repository where all of the digital objects created for your DH project (web-pages, databases, images, audio files, spreadsheets, etc.) are housed in their most durable file formats. Files may be housed in institutionally-sponsored digital repositories or in a freely-available repository such as Zenodo.persistent_identifier_logo

Also included at the Persistent Identifier are two items to help users understand how the files you created and stored functioned as a part of your DH project. These include:

  1. A site diagram or map;
  2. A web recording (or WARC) of your project when is was live (sample web recording here).

Because DH projects are dynamic, the web recording will demonstrate how the project’s digital objects functioned within the ecosystem of the internet during the project’s active phase.

Below is an example of a Persistent Identifier. Click the image to explore how project files are stored and made available for reference.

Screenshot 2018-09-28 22.26.17

Continue to the Archiving Dossier Narrative to view how DH project work is communicated to fellow researchers using a normalized template designed to appeal to DH- and non-DH- savvy scholars alike.