Archiving Wizard for Active Projects

There are two forms needed to complete the archiving process for active projects, Part 1 (light green) and Part 2 (dark green).  DDP forms are built using Cognito Forms, a free service that requires DDP users to create an account before downloading Parts 1 and 2.

Part 1 should be completed by the project’s initiators.

If archiving at an institutional repository, Part 2 should be completed once a cataloguer has processed Part 1 (light green) and sent more information to the project initiator, with instructions to continue to Part 2 (dark green).

If self-archiving, Part 2 should be completed once steps 3-7 in the ddp for self archiving are complete.

Here, you can view and transfer Part 1 or Part 2 of the DDP Archiving Wizard for use on your own Cognito Forms account. Do not fill out the form here, as it will send your responses to DDP website administrators.